Our version of broth is made out of pork and chicken bones. Cooked in high temperature boiling pot for about 15 hours.

We have a choice of Chashu (Roasted Pork Shoulder) and Kakuni (Braised Pork Belly). Both are cooked into perfection. Marinade well with exotic ingredients.

Black garlic is a type of caramelized garlic originated in Korea. Slow cooked in high humidity & temperature for about 3 weeks. It boosts the flavor to the next level, giving a rich roasted flavor and sweetness to the broth. Besides that, plenty of antioxidants.

We finish the bowl with colorful, fresh and delicious toppings such as soft boiled egg, green onions, bamboo, seaweed, fungus, and etc.

Lastly, we offer vegetarian ramen with vegan miso broth and 3 out of 5 different toppings and we are proudly serving without MSG.

Our noodle is carefully cooked in timing precision of 1 minute and 15 seconds to get the great level of chewiness. To get the best out of it eat and slurp it fast while its hot!

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